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All Babies Matter

When it comes to miscarriage many people invalidate the loss and make it seem like it didn't matter. It was still a baby. That baby was born way too early (yes born). The mother birthed the baby. Yet, because it was so early people want the mother and or father to move on quickly, to get over it. Sorry to say, bit that just doesn't happen. Why? Because that baby matters just as much any other. That baby was and is loved. That baby was wanted. That baby lived no matter how far that baby's gestation was.

I've had 4 miscarriages.


Jordan & Jaidyn

Winter, Merit, & David


All my children matter. I know my family and others probably think I need to move on or get over it, but reality is you don't get over it which is why I choose to celebrate each of them. I choose to do things in their memories. Grief will always be there, but it may not always affect our lives as much as we grow around that grief. They say it comes in waves and it does.

My babies mattered and yours do too. Don't let anyone invalidate and make them not matter because they do.

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